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Ragavan and professor Gnanasambanthan were approached. Avan Ivan is so contrived and haphazard that it makes you doubt if it was Bala who was behind the lens. Avan Ivan has a very simple story line, a lot of irrelevant scenes, whole lot of forced comedy, many plot-holes, many unanswered questions and most disappointing of all, mp3 ringtone software Arya's unnatural acting.

Jiiva, Ajmal Ameer, Karthika Nair. But it also has many ingredients to entertain the masses.

Bala, of all people has let us down. Though the movie is slow paced in second half and has scenes reminding Pithamagan, Bala has never let us down in entertaining!

Songs in the album was too good but songs in the movie was worse. Usually Love is something we expect high from Bala was let down by his lose script and Disappointing Screenplay.

Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. There are many sub-plots but none of which are developed.

As for the story concerned one has to wonder where the story goes until the beginning of the second half where you will get an hint of what shall be the climax. Once, a masked Walter breaks into Police Constable Baby's Janani Iyer house, but she recognizes the man and thwarts his attempt to rob them.

Arya is a thief in this movie but not even single scene supports that he is a thief. Wilson remained the cinematographer. Aarya did not have much scope comparatively, He did his part. Looking to put behind a past that haunts him, Nandha tries to reconcile with his mother and live life on his terms. The music department has not done its job well either.

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Download Dia Dia Dole mp3 song from Avan Ivan

Avan Ivan - IMDb

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Download Dia Dia Dole mp3 song from Avan Ivan

Walter defends his brother, and is thrown out as well. According to Eros International, it was successful at the box office. An angered Thirthapathi throws out Saamy. Nothing much happens in the first hour or so. The director has repeated the magic this time too and the credit goes to Yuvan Shankar Raja.

The script lacks development and the movie wanders aimlessly into a gargantuan mess. Was this review helpful to you?

Dialogues are extremely good. He is the one director I thought I could always count on to come up with something entirely fresh and out-of-the-box as opposed to the commercial crap that is currently plaguing our Tamil cinema. The Zamindar Thirthapathi G.

He is brutally murdered by the villain and then, as expected the half-brothers avenge his death. The events that unfold in their lives form the crux. Kumar Janani Iyer Madhu Shalini. Wilson is as reliable as ever.

Avan Ivan Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

Bala, whose films usually take several years to get completed and released, disclosed that this film, however, would be finished in eight months time. He constantly encourages Walter to take up acting seriously and to be friendly towards his brother. Most of the comedy is lame or poorly timed.

Cinematography of Arthur A. The two men quarrel frequently and Saamy often pokes fun at Walter's shortcomings. After Rudran's father leaves him in Kashi, he grows up to be an Aghori. Story is based on the characters, one has to travel along lead characters and screenplay is wielded in Bala's own trademark manner. He returns several stolen goods from his home and from Saamy to rescue her from being dismissed and goes to great lengths to impress her.

Arya, Pooja Umashankar, Rajendran. Note, here more Actor Vishal will be in the list of method actors, besides he deserve National award for his sensational acting in this flick!

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Comedy in few places was not good. Arya's love is not natural and unbelievable.

Thirthapathi gets extremely drunk. The actors in the movie have done a stupendous job but all their hard work turn futile due to poor direction.

Bala is highly praised for his unique characters presentation in his movies earlier. He organizes their marriage. He hasn't worked well with the screenplay the van worth a crore inside it! However, when his family gets him back home, he faces problems adjusting to the city lifestyle.

Download Avan Ivan 2011 Tamil movie mp3 songs

The National Award for Best Direction for the year was won by Bala, and as you may all know, he won it for Naan Kadavul, a morbid portrayal of some of the lesser known characters of our dirty world. His cross-eyed half-brother Walter Vanangamudi Vishal Krishna is not so good at at the same trade. Bala should understand that mouthing of filthy language or below the belt dialogs won't ensure a good laugh.