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Jis Ja nazar aate ho sajday wahin karta houn Es say nahin kuch matlab Kaaba ho ya butkhana. Epidemics in Colonial Punjab. Bekhud kiye dete hain andaaz e hijabana Aa dil main tujhay rakhloon aie jalwa e janana. Peeney ko to pee loun ga per araz zara see hai Ajmair ka saqi ho baghdad ka maikhana. Tailor of the eternity has sewed over your pretty stature this green dress of garden over your body.

Ferkoferki Matan Qun Shahmukhi. Kiya lutf ho mehshar mein main shikway kiye jaoon Woh haskay kahay jayein deewana hai dewana. Syed Waris Shah te Muhaqqaqeen Shahmukhi.

Save it to easy-to-find location. Jee chahta tuhfay main bhaijoon main unhain Ankhain Darshan ka to darshan ho Nazrane ka Nazrana. Folk and Sufi Music Pop Music. Colonial Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh. Junoon, the greatest Sufi Rock band ever from Pakistan.

Kalam Allama Iqbal sung by various artists. Weight Loss Tips and Tricks. Whoever saw your red lips, the snow queen praised them Even the nicely carved carnelian of Yemen.

Zahid meri kismat mein sajday hain usi dar kay Chuta hai na chuthay ga sange dar e janana. In your love teeth are broken, mere due to love Make this news reach to Owais of Qarn. History of Punjabi Speaking Jatts.

Composite Culture in Pre-Partition Punjab. Meray Rashke Qamar Qawwali. Similarly Allama Iqbal is meant to say that by the blow of Hazrat Ali bin Usman Hajvari dead hearts turn alive in the surroundings of Punjab. Allows applications to access information about networks.

All Clear Mobile - Financial. Please call Javed Boota at for the location of next meeting.

Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide, but I want to give you a fast overview how it works. Division of Punjab is against the interest of poor people. You can also download older versions of this app on bottom of this page.

Largest Collection of Punjabi Music and Books

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Before you start, you will need to download the apk installer file, you can find download button on top of this page. Lahore owes Hindu philanthropist Ganga Ram more than it would care to admit. Flower has learnt tender-being from your face, And nightingale has learnt from you the sweet words.

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Allows applications to open network sockets. Kyun aankh milai thi, kyoon aag lagai thee Aab rukh ko chupa baithay kar kay mujhay deewana. Like Hazrat Isa with his blow on Mud made birds turn into living birds.

Faryaad hai aye kashti-e-ummat kay nigehbaan beira yeh tabaahi kay qareeb aa lagaa hai. Hum naik hain ya bad hain phir aakhir hain tumhare Nisbat bohat achi hai agar Haal bura hai. Rabbi Shergill, one of the exceptional music artists sings ever-living verses of Bulleh Shah. Qawwalis By Nusrat and Rahat. Junaid Jamshed Latest Naats.

Ae Khasa e Khasan e Rusul waqt e duaa hai Ummat pe tiree aakay ajab waqt para hai. Download world's largest collection of Sufi Music.

Largest Collection of Punjabi Music and Books

Education Reform in Pakistan. Maloom nahin bedam mein kon houn aur kiya hoon Youn apnoon main apna houn baiganoon mein baigana. Javed Zaki and Amrita Pritam Remembered. She is also knows for her beautiful ghazal singing.

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Nusrat Sahib was the first Qawwal whose voice featured in Hollywood movies. Shakhsiat and Shairi Urdu.