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Of course, we were elated at his birth. The peace of God unto the heart.

God doth see all the work we do. If sinners join their hands. Behold the Lamb of God, who bore. In Thy great name, God Almighty. See these ones in white apparel.

After this dismal and dark world. Almighty God, send out Thy light.

We love seeing God's people develop their musical talents to be used for His work and His glory. What can wash away my stain?

God of all wisdom and goodness. When ends earth's long and evil day. Who are ye, who art His temple. The work of God is hard to do. The Church's one foundation.

Brazier, and the mission of the Apostolic Church of God. The Sanctuary Choir has been an anchor for the music ministry of the Apostolic Church of God throughout the seventy-plus year history of the church. Our annual Easter Concert, Midsummer Concert, and Christmas Concert are highlights of the year, captcha dll for asp.net and we frequently hold other special musical events as well. Committed to honoring the Lord through music.

Spotless Jesus, Son of God. Come, Thou long-expected Jesus. You are welcome to attend any event on our calendar. In pity, look on me my God. May the grace of Christ our Saviour.

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The Brotherhood Chorale

When the power of God descended. No, not despairingly Come I to Thee.

There's a place I love to tarry. Almighty, God of heav'n and earth.

Thou Holy Spirit, come down. The eye has not seen nor hath the ear heard. Till He come Oh, let the words. Herein doth perfect rest abide.

Collected Gospel Songs

Behold, see yonder horizon. Jesus our blessed Redeemer!

Our Music Program

Go, when the morning shineth. Look with compassion on the coasts.

We shout the shout of joy divine. We are baptised unto His death. Behold how pleasant for brethren. My God, is any hour so sweet. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!

Jesus who came down to save. Thou who art fount of all good things.

Father, before Thy throne of light. Saviour, again to Thy dear Name we raise. Rejoice, the Lord is King! Our hearts are full of joy today.