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The original sample was destroyed when the vial was destroyed by Tyrant R, though Linda was aware of how to create another. Different t-Viruses can react in different ways to humans. Alex Wesker to trigger mutations in humans when it came into contact with certain levels of stress hormones indicative of fear.

View the discussion thread. Fortunately, the menus are logically laid out and fairly simple. If you can do it on the synth, you can do it onscreen, except that some parameters like arpeggiator settings can only really be edited on the computer. Even with a shut down of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, or apparent brain death, infected people do not die.

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The Virus features a filter saturation stage as well as different types of digital and analog-style distortion. Research files supplied in the Arklay Laboratory identify the virus as having a protein structure.

The first Virus was released in and each new iteration has added more features more powerful hardware, and greater musical potential. The great news is that all of these instruments produce the same award-winning sound. As Alexander was not a trained virologist, the pacifier full movie no he was unable to lead the project after his father's sudden death.

He was arrested by the Harvardville Police Department before he could sell the sample. Hi all, thought I'd join up and find some help as I'm now at a loss with my beloved Virus B desktop. Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol No. James Marcus was the birthing of a new age of eugenics with mutagenic viruses improving the human race.

Find your Local Access reseller. Daylight was engineered by Dr. It's footprint is not larger than an issue of Mix Magazine.

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To dismiss it as a dance floor-only synth would be criminal, however. Total Integration Marry a virtual instrument plug-in with a hardware synthesizer and enjoy the most powerful combination possible. Access Virus B, acting strange, help needed! In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Prime universe Capcom's primary storyline.

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All but one sample of t-Vaccine were destroyed in the act of sabotage by its creator, Dr. Other facilities such as the later Raccoon City Underground Laboratory experimented with a further mutation of this strain which mutated the infected into Lickers.

The only known sample of the vaccine synthesized was used to treat former S. The hardware is a metal-skinned, wooden-ended tank, with solid knobs that turn easily yet feel as though they're set in concrete. The patch select buttons make searching for the right sound a breeze and allow you to access any of the internal patches with four or fewer button clicks. The term Access Virus can be used to refer to any one of these synthesizers. The Virus has had three major hardware revisions since the original Virus A model as well as having numerous features both minor and major added via firmware operating system updates.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Images from MatrixSynth and Access Music. Spencer and his colleagues Dr. There are three modulation sources on the Virus A and B, which can be set to control six destinations. By logging in, you accept that log-in cookies will be stored.

This team made their own breakthrough in under the leadership of Dr. The cell absorbs the viral genome into its own, which hijacks the cell's intended functions, using them to produce virions similar to the original.

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The new virions are then released from the host cell and infect the neighboring cells, which starts the process all over again. The supersaw mode is present and allows big, spreadable saws with a huge unison effect - you can dial in over oscillators per note if your mix and your monitors can take it.

New viral strains were developed towards the end of Umbrella's existence and the years following. Every parameter on the control surface of the synth and every parameter in every sub menu can be set as a modulation destination.

The t-Virus is capable of various methods of subject infection. With over onboard sounds you will never run out of ideas while jamming. Their brains are exposed, and they have powerful, long tongues that can be used as whips to attack people. There are rare cases where a human responds differently to t-Virus infection and transforms into a dominant mutant. Access synthesizers Virtual analog synthesizers.

Access Virus

The Matrix Modulation specification allows for the creation of complex and detailed sounds. Higher brain functions among the infected almost cease entirely and zombies can only perform minor tasks such as turning doorknobs. For example, the Virus amplifier attack envelope is linear by default but can be changed via setting the amplifier envelope as a modulation source that modulates itself as its destination. Though they were successful, the staff had transformed into Zombies before any of them could use it. These filters are what really make the synth and impart a definite character to the Virus.

Even if you have an irrational hatred of digital synthesis, you have to admit that this is the top-of-the-digital-tree at the moment. The Virus is an icon in the history of electronic music, known for its excellent sound and outstanding presets. Like any other viruses, t-Viruses make contact with a cell's membrane and insert their genetic coding into the cell. It is a digital synthesizer but can emulate the characteristic sound and behaviour of analogue synthesizers whilst also retaining some digital features. This range of instant access hands-on control will delight those who don't like menu diving.